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About Malgosia

If you’re looking for true dedication and personalized service when it comes to floral design, its hard to beat Malgosia’s Flower Adornments. Malgosia Zapala had always had a passion for beautiful blooms, but she was initially unsure about how to break into the world of professional flower arranging. Determined to turn her hobby into a career, she enrolled in a diploma program to refine her talents and opened up her at-home flower business in 2009.

Friends and people around the community soon began to take notice of Malgosia’s quiet talent and jumped at the opportunity to enlist her services. “A friend asked me to do a wedding for their daughter and I thought, ‘Why not? I am ready to do this,’” Malgosia recalls. Today, business is blossoming and the skillful florist continues to put a bit of her sweet personality and charm into each of her bespoke arrangements.

“I always want to know how I can serve the clients and how I can do something really explosive and unique for them.” – Malgosia Zapala, owner


A Small but Blooming Business

Malgosia always dedicates herself to her craft and her customers. Most of her business comes from word-of-mouth, and it’s easy to see why. Her passion for flower design earns plenty of positive feedback from clients and continues to bring her new business throughout the year. Every referral brings her joy since it means she’s doing a good job.

The small scale of her at-home operation means that Malgosia can give more of her time and attention to customers. Low overhead costs allow her to keep prices at a point that works for her clients and gives them the best value every time. “I don’t have so many customers yet, so my value is that I’m always reliable,” she says. Strong relationships with her customers are important to Malgosia and she cherishes each of them. “If I promise to do something, I do. I am really helpful all the time.”

Creative and Customized

Enlisting Malgosia’s Flower Adornments to create your bouquets and arrangements means you’ll get the full service, including an informal meeting to discuss the project and your needs. “I really like doing custom-made flowers,” Malgosia explains. “I always like to meet with the person — to talk with her and try to feel what she needs.” Larger events often require a discussion of even more variables. When it comes to weddings, for example, “we can see how the flowers will match with the dress,” Malgosia says.

Malgosia is dependable and works with passion, but she’s certainly not boring; she has a real flair for distinctive arrangements that’ll truly stand out. The talented floral designer also keeps her clients’ own unique tastes and styles in mind when creating flowers for events both big and small. “I always want to know how I can serve the client,” she says. “And how I can do something really explosive and unique for them.”